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Designing the opportunity: the deep layer of product design

Design innovation is actually the deepest layer of the product design process, not some act of creation or “disruption” that happens apart from it.

Rebrand Cities: Art in Motion, and More

WordPress.com has recently launched our very first TV commercials – telling the stories of small businesses in Detroit and starting with “Art in Motion” on the Avenue of Fashion. The spots document our journey during […]

Samantha Hankins: ‘But Wait, Is Your Last Name Filipino?’

I’ve never met my dad and to this day I’ve never seen a photo of him or even discussed him with my mom. From what I’ve gathered, my mom and dad were married, and they […]

Catt Small on Designing an Inclusive Workplace Culture

What three words would you use to describe the company?

Jewel Burks: How My Identity Impacted My Business

“Is your leadership team still black?” I will never forget when a venture capitalist asked me this in a meeting. Much had changed since the last time my black co-founder, black CTO and I had […]