Past Cover Designs

Issue #1 cover by Mel Choyce


Issue 1 with Alice Rawsthorn on Choice, Cassidy Blackwell on Authenticity, Jessica Helfand on Precedent.

Issue #2 cover by Takashi Irie


Issue 2 with Amy Whitaker on Art, Burak Arikan on Data, Mitchel Resnick on Education.

Issue #3 cover by Tammie Lister


Issue 3 with Julie Zhuo on Design, Jason Mayden on Culture, Ricarose Roque on Families.

Issue #4 cover by Michelle Langston

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 9.13.29 AM.png

Issue 4 with Kyna Leski on Storms, Sarah Burstein on Patents, and Ti Chang on China

Issue #5 cover by Mark Uraine


Issue 5 with Sara Berman on Artrepreneurs, Kevin Bethune on Innovation, and Lena on Discrimination.

Issue #6 cover by John Maeda

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 9.15.33 AM.png

Issue 6 with John Maeda on Star Trek

Issue #7 cover by Derek Powazek


Issue 7 with Ian Bogost on Play, Jessie Shefrin on Critical Making

Issue #8 cover by Rick Bannister

Issue 8 with Ashleigh Axios on Leadership Tips from the White House, Thursday Bram on the Art of ‘Responsible Communication’

Issue #9 cover by Kelly Hoffman

Issue 9 with Jongmin Kim on Embracing ‘the Essence of Programming’, Courtney E. Martin on the Coworking Revolution


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