Automattic is spread across more than 50 countries. If you work at Automattic, you can literally work anywhere in the world — we are completely decentralized. We know … sounds impossible, huh? Well, you can hear it directly from our CEO in a recent interview about how that all works.

So if you are a designer living anywhere in the world who wants to work from anywhere in the world, we are the place for you. Learn more about what it’s like to work at Automattic from our official Work With Us page — it’s open all the time. Browse the A12s section of this blog to learn about designers and design lovers at Automattic (or “A8c”) that you might end up working with.

Applying to work at Automattic starts with an email to jobs @ the Automattic domain (note the double “T”), and taking special note of whether you are interested in a Product Designer role or a Marketing Designer role. That’s it!

And if you aren’t a designer looking to work from anywhere in the world with the Automattic team, and wish to simply keep up with posts with an email notification, just go ahead and sign up here. Thanks for being curious about emerging thoughts around Design, Inclusion, +/- Tech at our little design blog!

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