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Writing affords a time-honored tradition for achieving clarity through expressing one’s thoughts in words. All of the great designers of the past were, in one form or the other, excellent writers (if not excellent self-promoters). In digital products today, writing is a critical skill that empowers users to relate, comprehend, and enjoy all of the interactive affordances that they click, tap, and swipe continuously.

Fatimah Kabba on The Other Unicorn Skill: Writing

In a world fascinated by the unicorn designer that is a coding savant, I want to call on designers to pay closer attention to something else: words.

Words Matter: Thursday Bram on the Art of ‘Responsible Communication’

If you want your organization to be diverse and inclusive, it takes a lot of hard work. You have to listen, expand your networks, rethink your assumptions … and you also have to make sure […]