Category: Learning

We all find our path to learning through people who care to teach us something, but also through finding the strength within ourselves to take on the difficulty of entering the space of, “I don’t know.” Yet by overcoming our fears, we find a path to growth — and it is this growth that creates new possibilities.

Wendy Johansson on Designing a UX Academy in Mexico

Hiring UX designers remains a huge challenge - inside and outside of Silicon Valley. How do you solve that problem?

Angela Kyle on Why Blocks Matter: Designing the Future of Design Education at Street Level

One week ago I sat at a community dinner table in a church kitchen in Central City, New Orleans surrounded by a group of African-American kids ranging in age from four to ten. I know […]

Ricarose Roque: Designing from My Childhood

One of my earliest memories was when I was four years old. I was busy making a jump rope with my older sister. We were using colorful rubber bands, looping them together into a chain […]