Wendy Johansson on Designing a UX Academy in Mexico


The success of user-focused experiences such as the iPhone and the maturity of users from consumers to prosumers have paved the way for the field of user experience design to grow quickly in Silicon Valley, with a 250% growth in UX Designer jobs within a year of the iPhone launch, and over 3,000% growth to date. Silicon Valley’s influence of user-centered technology has also inspired companies around the world to refocusing their products towards users. However, despite the normalization of user experience design as a critical function for building successful products, hiring UX designers remains a huge challenge - inside and outside of Silicon Valley. So how do you solve that problem?

Having built and led UX teams in Mexico since 2010, my best UX designers from my previous company began as talented graphic designers and learned to employ user-centered practices over years of tenure through mentoring, online readings, conferences, and knowledge sharing. But by the middle of 2016, almost 2 years into my new startup Wizeline, I had only hired 3 full-time UX designers in Mexico for a team of 60 engineers, despite having reviewed hundreds of candidates. Read More

Angela Kyle on Why Blocks Matter: Designing the Future of Design Education at Street Level

angelakyle2.jpgOne week ago I sat at a community dinner table in a church kitchen in Central City, New Orleans surrounded by a group of African-American kids ranging in age from four to ten. I know them well through their involvement with PlayBuild, a neighborhood play space and design education program that I co-founded in November 2012. Read More

Ricarose Roque: Designing from My Childhood

Ricarose Roque, by Maureen Roque

Ricarose Roque, by Maureen Roque

One of my earliest memories was when I was four years old. I was busy making a jump rope with my older sister. We were using colorful rubber bands, looping them together into a chain that would become a jump rope. Meanwhile, there was a lot of activity around us. My other family members were talking and walking with great energy, going in and out of rooms and organizing things. There was talk about going somewhere. I asked where they were going. “The States,” someone said. I asked if I could come. Read More