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Most creative people have an aversion to the word “leadership” because they tend to spend most of their time to speaking to power. So it becomes a bit awkward to become the power themselves. But there’s a new movement afoot for designers, enterpreneurs, and artists, to talk about how they are redesigning leadership as a creative act and working against challenges that are at the extreme.

Hajj Flemings: What Is Human Brand Design?

The connection between the physical and digital worlds requires a human element.

Jewel Burks: How My Identity Impacted My Business

“Is your leadership team still black?” I will never forget when a venture capitalist asked me this in a meeting. Much had changed since the last time my black co-founder, black CTO and I had […]

Saron Yitbarek: ‘I Don’t Belong in Tech’

When I was at NPR years ago, I did a story on public education in California. I don’t remember the angle, but I remember looking up a stat to use in the script. I used […]

Ced Funches on the Responsibility of Being Better Than Advertised

I’ve always wanted to be a designer. I grew up drawing and painting (traditional artist) and knew I wanted to be able to do that for the rest of my life. I was good. I […]

Justin Dunn on Coding A New Path to the Championship

Justin Dunn will be presenting at the May 17 Rebrand Cities Salon in Detroit. Growing up, I had one dream and one dream only—that was to play ball. While my friends were gearing up for […]

Becky Bermont on The Structure and Chaos of Organization Design

Organization design – the attempt to structure systems to produce the outcomes we want – has been an established field for decades. But if you step back a bit, putting the two words “organization” and […]

Ashleigh Axios: Four Leadership Tips from the White House

Being a creative leader is usually nuanced — it can involve balancing business, user, and client needs, as well as managing a team and developing compelling creative solutions. It was especially so at the White […]

Kevin Bethune on Picking the Locks: Journey to Innovation

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist When I was young, I had a voracious curiosity for the arts and sciences. I loved to […]

Sara Berman on the Entrepreneur vs. Artist: A Game of Boundaries

The hardest thing about going back to school to get my MFA was not giving up the respected fashion brand I had founded and built (I was done there). It was not the struggle to […]