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The word “culture” can have negative connotations when it’s used as away to differentiate “high society” from the rest of the world. But all communities, regardless of class distinctions, have their own cultures. And those cultures are often grounded in the stories they tell about themselves, and about each other.

Michael Arestad: Open Source Everything

Howdy designers! I’m sure it has been drilled into you, over and over again, that you need to watermark your images, add copyrights to your website, and guard your secrets like a national treasure. After […]

Carl & Elena Schrónez: Things We’ve Learned From Telling Others’ Stories

Back in 2009, I discovered that the world wasn’t all the same. Surprise! Yes, this was a realization for me. Sadly, but truthfully, I believed that race and socioeconomic status were the only things that […]

Bob Baxley: Don’t Judge. Just Observe.

I find myself in the elevator of the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Seattle, where for the second year in a row, I’m attending a week-long video game tournament with my teenage son — last […]

Alice Rawsthorne, by Michael Leckie

Alice Rawsthorn on Design and Choice

Choice will be a defining element of design in the future. As our personal identities become subtler and more singular, we will wish to make increasingly nuanced choices about the design of many aspects of our lives. We will also have more of the technological tools required to do so. Yet design practise will need to change radically to deliver those choices.

Jessica Helfand: Design and Precedent

Earlier this summer, an internet gimmick surfaced on social media where people randomly posted their first seven jobs. Implicitly, this meant that you had to be old enough to have held seven jobs in the […]