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Creativity isn’t something that one necessarily can turn on as a switch in their brain. It’s a state of mind and being that requires nurturing and caring. It’s like any muscle — it needs a regular workout in order for it to stay healthy within you. You don’t have to be an artist to be creative, but when you think like an artist you can get there quicker.

Rebrand Cities: Art in Motion, and More has recently launched our very first TV commercials – telling the stories of small businesses in Detroit and starting with “Art in Motion” on the Avenue of Fashion. The spots document our journey during […]

Samantha Zhang on Crafting Design Systems for Big Data

Tailoring design for one dataset is easy — designing a system that works for all datasets is much more difficult.

Valerie Casey on Transforming Creative Bias Into Power

In May of this year, I prototyped Creative Power Day—an experiment to show young people that strengthening their creative muscles would make them better at everything they tried—from schoolwork, sports, and the arts, to being better […]

Phillip Tiongson on Design, Filipino Tennessean Style

  My experience being Filipino American Designer right now (and this literally happened to me last night): New Person: “So, where are you from?” Me: “I’m from Tennessee.” New Person: “Oh, really? Huh… (awkward pause) […]

Jongmin Kim on Embracing ‘the Essence of Programming’

I see myself as a designer/developer hybrid. As a developer, I used Flash for the past five years to build interactive websites. Currently, I am a Senior UX Engineer at Google and mainly use HTML5 […]

Jessie Shefrin On Critical Making

Making is a Kind of Thinking and Thinking is a Kind of Making When the ground shifts, the next chapter begins. Making things can expand one’s understanding of what it means to be human. Once, […]

Ian Bogost: Play Anything

As a game designer, I’m often asked what designers of all stripes can learn from games. Games, after all, appear to be magical objects. Dark ones, even. From Tetris to World of Warcraft, games have […]

Kyna Leski on the Storm of Creativity

I wrote the The Storm of Creativity from the inside, from my observations as an architect, an artist, student and teacher. It is about the workings of the creative process, the cycles within cycles that […]

Amy Whitaker on Art Thinking: Where Creativity and Commerce Intersect

If you are making a work of art in any area of life, you are not going from a known point A to a known point B. You are inventing point B. You are creating something new—an object, a company, an idea, your life—that must make space for itself. In the act of creating that space, it changes the world, in however big or small a way.