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Dom Goodrum on Why Measuring Design Isn’t a Terrible Idea

Embracing measurement puts yourself and your team out there. It openly says that we aren’t perfect and perhaps we could do our job better. Through my experience of building the design team at Percolate, my […]

Carl & Elena Schrónez: Things We’ve Learned From Telling Others’ Stories

Back in 2009, I discovered that the world wasn’t all the same. Surprise! Yes, this was a realization for me. Sadly, but truthfully, I believed that race and socioeconomic status were the only things that […]

Angela Kyle on Why Blocks Matter: Designing the Future of Design Education at Street Level

One week ago I sat at a community dinner table in a church kitchen in Central City, New Orleans surrounded by a group of African-American kids ranging in age from four to ten. I know […]

Valerie Casey on Transforming Creative Bias Into Power

In May of this year, I prototyped Creative Power Day—an experiment to show young people that strengthening their creative muscles would make them better at everything they tried—from schoolwork, sports, and the arts, to being better […]

Becky Bermont on The Structure and Chaos of Organization Design

Organization design – the attempt to structure systems to produce the outcomes we want – has been an established field for decades. But if you step back a bit, putting the two words “organization” and […]

Phillip Tiongson on Design, Filipino Tennessean Style

  My experience being Filipino American Designer right now (and this literally happened to me last night): New Person: “So, where are you from?” Me: “I’m from Tennessee.” New Person: “Oh, really? Huh… (awkward pause) […]

Michelle Kumata on Empowering Community Voices

My involvement in the Asian Pacific American (APA) community started in high school. I had attended public school through junior high, and then by chance, received a scholarship to a small private school. It was […]

Bob Baxley: Don’t Judge. Just Observe.

I find myself in the elevator of the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Seattle, where for the second year in a row, I’m attending a week-long video game tournament with my teenage son — last […]

Hajj Flemings on The 100 Project–The Plan to Rebrand Detroit

“Detroit’s future requires connecting the worlds of design, technology and innovation to neighborhoods.”  In 2011, I was one of eight entrepreneurs selected for the CNN’s Black in America 4: The New Promised Land Silicon Valley […]

Scott Belsky on Crafting The First Mile of Product

It’s a paradox of success: As you focus more on power users, you stop engaging new users.