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Thoughts on Open Source and what else gets us up in the morning (and a few favorite product designs too) by A12s are here for you to enjoy. FYI the numeronym for “Automattician” is A11n because there are eleven characters between ‘A’ and ‘n’ … so A8c is “Automattic” and A12s is how we abbreviate “Automatticians.”

Kathryn Presner

The Open Source ethos allows software—and ultimately, its end users—to benefit from the minds and experiences of a more diverse group of people than might occur in other contexts. Not every open-source community takes advantage […]

Ryan Cowles

I’ve felt like an outsider at various points throughout my life. Open Source is one of the things that I’ve found that connects people. It’s provided me a way of working with others to create […]

Kelly Hoffman

Communicating and designing out in the open is scary. If you take the leap and make it part of your workflow, it will help not only yourself but you’ll inspire others. Whether it’s using a product that has a piece of something you’ve designed in it or when someone contributes to a product you have designed, the feeling is amazing. Sharing is caring!

Mark Armstrong

I’ve learned so much about Open Source after seeing its principles applied at Automattic over the last two years. It just makes sense. The code you write, like the words you write, has exponentially more influence when it is made available to the largest number of people possible.

Aleksandra Bodera

Making and designing is awesome, but the biggest satisfaction comes from being able to see your creations used, shared and improved by others. Open exchange and collaboration creates synergy, and a unique opportunity to prosper and give back for both individuals and businesses. As a company we benefit immensely from synergy brought by incorporating different perspectives and voices in our design and development process. As individuals we learn and grow thanks to freely shared ideas and knowledge. WordPress would never have powered 26% of the web, had it been developed behind closed doors.

Allan Cole

Open source is so valuable because it encourages a community with an idea to evolve that idea naturally through experimentation and peer review. The benefits of that evolved idea then get spread back around to the community which in turn, fosters more evolution on the idea. To me, it’s what separates incremental growth and exponential growth in a cooperative way that parallels democracy in its truest form.

Takashi Irie

As we’ve seen, open source is undeniably a key factor in WordPress’s success. I think it’s essential to how we as Automatticians want to live in the world—sharing and collaborating to create better designs to make the world a better place.

Filipe Varela

Open source is the most powerful concept of our generation. Initially, it can be scary to put your work out in the open but, once you do, you’ve taken the first step towards global collaboration and […]

Brie Anne Demkiw

I think many of us became designers to help improve the world somehow—to make things better for our users, the businesses we work with, our families, and ourselves. Open Source provides each of us with this opportunity and stands as an example of how designing more openly and more transparently, can give a voice to anyone in the world, while remaining completely voluntary— “freedom” in every sense.

Matt Miklic

The open source nature of WordPress plays a significant role in why it’s gotten the traction that it has. We’ve seen beautifully-designed proprietary competitors come and go, unable to reach the critical mass they need to sustain themselves. If usage is oxygen for ideas, open source is one of the most effective ways to breathe life into a young project.