Category: Young Guns Team

After the 1st month, this needs to keep going and we’re bound to get tired. We’ll always need fresh A12s to make better — so to borrow a phrase from the Art Director’s Club … and to also remember that “young” is always just a state of mind, and has nothing to do with age.

Shaun Andrews

When I was about 11 years old, my dad traded a Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker for a Commodore 64. This changed my life. I scoured the local library for books with source code and […]

Raoul Wegat

Open Source is why we have the internet we have today. Open Source software drives almost everything; from server operating systems, to database software, to web server software, and even WordPress. But it’s more than […]

Jan Cavan Boulas

WordPress’ Open Source solution is important because it removed the barriers to entry for thousands of developers and designers to contribute and grow their careers in web development. As a result, entire tangential businesses have […]

Mike Shelton

Traditionally competition – among businesses, individuals – has been driven by exclusivity. Hoarding ideas and innovation in hopes of gaining an advantage. Open Source challenges that thinking by exploiting the power of shared knowledge, even […]