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JUSTIN DUNNis the founder of Increase Branding & Design, a digital marketing agency that turns average business goals into actionable marketing strategies. Justin’s passion for training business owners on the power of their design marketing presence stemmed from his personal history with entrepreneurship. Since childhood, he launched several businesses that exposed him to the financial stability and creative freedom that comes with owning a successful brand... It was when Justin started a career in online marketing after college that he realized the correlation between business success in the 21st century and the Internet. With education and strong skills in web development, social media marketing, graphic design, and SEO strategy— Justin knew his next step was introducing more entrepreneurs like him to these tools. Today, Justin has worked with a clientele that spans corporate, non-profit, manufacturing and the arts. His one-of-a-kind understanding of both new entrepreneurship and digital marketing has helped transform dozens of underdeveloped business goals into recognized brands.

Justin Dunn on Coding A New Path to the Championship

Justin Dunn will be presenting at the May 17 Rebrand Cities Salon in Detroit. Growing up, I had one dream and one dream only—that was to play ball. While my friends were gearing up for […]