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Derek Powazek

“Open Source” is just a phrase that stands in for the feeling you get when you route around the gatekeepers, the tastemakers, and the authorities. That moment when the rest of us take over and build […]

Julie Zhuo on the Lessons of Good Design

If you cannot get a group of people for whom your product is designed to generally agree that your design is good, it’s not good.

Jason Mayden on The Rise of the Cultural Alchemist™

“I don’t wanna be you, I just wanna be me. I don’t wanna be cool, I just wanna be me.” — “Wanna Be Cool” by Donny Trumpet and The Social Experiment (feat. Big Sean, Jeremih & KYLE) The […]

Tammie Lister

Open Source at the heart is being open with everything you do. Design when done openly is pure design. Open Source allows design to be accessible to everyone, both as a product and as a […]

Mark Uraine

Open Source blows my mind every time I explain it, at which point the recipient’s mind becomes equally blown away. I still haven’t wrapped my head completely around it, but that’s OK because there’s a passionate […]

Kathryn Presner

The Open Source ethos allows software—and ultimately, its end users—to benefit from the minds and experiences of a more diverse group of people than might occur in other contexts. Not every open-source community takes advantage […]

Ryan Cowles

I’ve felt like an outsider at various points throughout my life. Open Source is one of the things that I’ve found that connects people. It’s provided me a way of working with others to create […]

Kelly Hoffman

Communicating and designing out in the open is scary. If you take the leap and make it part of your workflow, it will help not only yourself but you’ll inspire others. Whether it’s using a product that has a piece of something you’ve designed in it or when someone contributes to a product you have designed, the feeling is amazing. Sharing is caring!

Mark Armstrong

I’ve learned so much about Open Source after seeing its principles applied at Automattic over the last two years. It just makes sense. The code you write, like the words you write, has exponentially more influence when it is made available to the largest number of people possible.