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Scott Belsky on Crafting The First Mile of Product

It’s a paradox of success: As you focus more on power users, you stop engaging new users.

James Koster

Like many other a12s (and way more people outside the company), Open Source has changed my life. Its principles afforded me the opportunity to get started along my path of building stuff for the web […]

Gareth Allison

Community & the sharing of knowledge in the Open Source world has helped me immensely along my journey. It’s a small aspect of the whole Open Source philosophy, but one I value a lot.

Courtney E. Martin on the Coworking Revolution

Coworking is a growing movement of spaces and people, usually independent contractors, who have realized that working together makes for happier, more productive work lives, so they’re making it happen without the hierarchy. The spaces […]

Rick Banister

Open Source is protection against tyranny.

Kat Holmes: Who Gets To Play?

“Inclusive Design doesn’t mean you’re designing one thing for all people. You’re designing a diversity of ways to participate so everyone has a sense of belonging.” —Susan Goltsman, Founding Principal of MIG, Inc., co-author of […]

Joan Rho

Open Source is liberating—it encourages collaboration, celebrates experimentation, inspires new ideas, forgives mistakes, and rewards iteration. It’s humble and imperfect, but in the end it benefits everyone.

Matías Ventura

Open Source reflects the ethos of any fruitful age of humanity. It is, at its core, about the open dissemination of knowledge and expression; of acknowledging that nothing is created in a vacuum, and that […]

Shaun Andrews

When I was about 11 years old, my dad traded a Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker for a Commodore 64. This changed my life. I scoured the local library for books with source code and […]