Design Exponent / <1 (less than 2 months) at Automattic / Image Editor: Photoshop for photos, Illustrator for vectors, Sketch for layouts / Code Editor: Sublime / Washington DC

Open Source frees information and ideas for community ideation, collaboration, and iteration. It’s a faster track to better results and a more united design and tech communities.

🌎 Needs

Creators of digital products and services need to be representative of broader society so all needs can be seen and met.

🌍 Wants

The world to come together to design (thoughtfully craft) solutions to our most pressing problems.

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📱 Products

For comfort, the Herman Miller Eames Lounge chair and ottoman

The camera in any digital phone. It’s still evolving, getting sharper and creating higher-resolution images and videos, but it’s such a powerful tool in virtually every persons hands. It gives so many people the ability to explore their artistic eye, have a face-to-face conversation with loved ones across distances, be a photojournalist – capturing and distributing history, and be archivists – collecting and preserving experiences. It’s changing the way we watch, share, protest, communicate, govern, and own the experiences we’re a part of.


Prior to joining Automattic, I was the Creative Director and a digital strategist at the White House during the Obama administration. In addition to my work at Automattic, I’m a frequent speaker, a national board member for AIGA – the professional association for design, an advocate for the ability of design and designers to help create racial equity, and an editorial board member for Design Observer. I formed DotGovDesign, an initiative and annual conference connecting and empowering U.S. government designers.

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As Principal (of 3six0 Architecture), Professor and Department Head (at RISD), and human being, I explore, witness, and practice the creative process. As a child, I was reprimanded for "getting bored easily," and now I see that weakness, like all "weaknesses," as a strength. (It keeps me moving.) I watch the sunrise almost everyday from a rowing shell, am moved to tears by honesty, and take dreams very seriously. I live in a city whose roots, ("pro-videre") signify what creativity is: a process of "seeing ahead."