Hybrid: Designer & Developer (a.k.a Pixel Co-Ordinator) / 2 Years at Automattic / Image Editor: Photoshop / Code Editor: Atom / Hampshire, England

Hybrid: Designer & Developer (a.k.a Pixel Coordinator) / 2 Years at Automattic / Image Editor: Photoshop / Code Editor: Atom / Hampshire, England

When I first plugged my computer to the telephone line it was rather magical. Those sweet chirping modem sounds connected me to a place full of knowledge, optimism and collaboration. With every link clicked I would learn something new. I had found an exciting place to call home.

Today the Internet is a little different. We are tracked by advertisers, hacked by governments and trashed by trolls. You will need to look hard to find the good stuff, but there are still little pockets of hope.

The Open Source movement is one of those pockets. People from around the world are quietly plugging away at a whole host of important problems, working together across borders and cultures to build tools and products that benefit everyone.

Open Source tools are already an important part of everyday life and as time goes by, their importance will grow.

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Quiet. A place to think, reflect and make sense of everything. Simplicity. Pudding.

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The Raspberry Pi Zero. We cannot democratise publishing without providing access to affordable technology. This tiny computer is just £4 ($5) and runs on Open Source software. Perfect.

Hövding. The world’s first airbag for cyclists.


I am a designer / developer on the WordPress.com VIP team. I live in a small village in the south of England with my wife Gemma. We spend our time hiking, cycling and making.

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Posted by Scott Evans

WordPress Designer & Engineer at WordPress VIP / Automattic. You may also find me on my bike, eating pudding and tinkering with electronics.