I believe that the concept of Open Source in technology is the equivalent of a free education system in a society. When everyone is given the equal opportunity to learn, forward thinking opportunities arise.

🌎 Needs

Living abroad and traveling consciously. So, yes, getting out of the digital world a bit.

🌍 Wants

The ethical treatment of animals which relates to the food industry, the environment, and the global health. The industrial revolution found ways to feed a growing population, fast. Now is the time to rethink and feed more people, wisely.



Keds Shoes

The iPad Pro and the Apple pencil

❔ Whois

Born in La Pocatière, Québec Canada, in a family of 5, to a French father and a Quebecor mother. Throughout her life, she lived in Canada, France, and United States. She is now a nomad and lives from 2 to 3 months wherever she goes. She studied Graphic Design due to her fascination of the creative ads that were in her mom’s magazines when she was growing up. Professionally, she’s held a variety of unique roles, from working at the Québec government to Aldo shoes, creative agencies, early stage startups and now Automattic! When she’s not working, you can find her doing hand lettering, exercising outdoor or advocating for animal rights.

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Posted by Cristel Rossignol

Marketing Designer at Automattic