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In the modern world, big advancements in technology have been made by multiple minds working together. Open Source has made this possible in many ways, allowing several people to contribute, build upon, and improve ideas, while at the same time creating new ones.

Open Source is an essential part of technology, allowing those that benefit from software to give back to the community, resulting in a better world.

People or entities that do not have the resources to acquire proprietary software or technology are given a chance with Open Source, allowing them to benefit from quality software that’s been improved by the community, and liberating themselves from proprietary solutions.

🌎 Needs

We need to allow people to express their creativity with freedom in their own cultural context.

🌍 Wants

I would love to see people in third-world countries receive more opportunities in terms of training and formation in design and technology. There are brilliant minds out there that are not given the opportunity they need to succeed in life.



The HP 49G was my very close companion when I studied Civil Engineering. It was the spark that channeled my love of programming.

Digital products that I like include things like Emacs, even though I never get to really use it, I really wish I could some day. I also like the FreeBSD UNIX Operating System, it’s very well designed and a joy to use. I follow the development and improvements to Open Source software such as Blender, Gimp, and Inkscape.

On my dream list of devices I would like to own, is the Wacom Cintiq 27 inch, I absolutely love it!

❔ Whois

I’m a Web Designer & Developer based in the Dominican Republic. I studied Civil Engineering in college, but then realized the Web was more fun, so I switched. I worked freelance for many years before joining Automattic. When not working on themes I like trying to get better at drawing and painting, and playing video games.

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