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Like many other a12s (and way more people outside the company), Open Source has changed my life. Its principles afforded me the opportunity to get started along my path of building stuff for the web in the first place. That path has lead to a better life for myself, and anyone else who is using my work. That is an incredibly powerful thing.

My colleague Joan Rho says it perfectly:

“Open Source is liberating—it encourages collaboration, celebrates experimentation, inspires new ideas, forgives mistakes, and rewards iteration. It’s humble and imperfect, but in the end it benefits everyone.”

🌎 Needs

With the Internet reaching the four corners of the Earth we need more cultural awareness.

🌍 Wants

I’d love to see a less carnivorous human race. Dostoyevsky told us to look at prisons to judge society. I look at the treatment of our Earthly co-habitants.



Pizza! I mean just look at the beautiful design
It’s perhaps easily overlooked but I have to say my MacBook / OSX

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Designer / developer, working with WordPress for more than 10 years.

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