It’s not official, but “pixel enthusiast” has a nice ring to it / Years at Automattic: Heading towards 3 years with Woo and almost a year and a half with A8C / Image Editor: Photoshop CC…for now / Code Editor: Sublime / Cape Town, South Africa

Community & the sharing of knowledge in the Open Source world has helped me immensely along my journey. It’s a small aspect of the whole Open Source philosophy, but one I value a lot.

🌎 Needs

In South Africa, definitely cheaper & easier access to the internet. I’ve seen first-hand how empowering this can be.

🌍 Wants

Good font choices. SVG. Cake being allowed as a breakfast option.

👏 Talk (some naughty words, don’t be afraid)

📱 Products

1950s Fender Precision Basses
I like CodePen a lot
Google Chromecast is pretty sweet too


I’ve done a LOT of different things, and I’m excited to learn more and more new stuff, whilst drinking far too much good coffee and trying to make people laugh at bad jokes. Music keeps me going.

Favorite Emoji


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