5 Years at Automattic / Image Editor: Sketch (though I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Fireworks) / Code Editor: Sublime Text / Vestal, NY, USA

When I was about 11 years old, my dad traded a Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker for a Commodore 64. This changed my life. I scoured the local library for books with source code and slowly learned BASIC. A few years later, we upgraded to a Packard Bell PC. Around this time, we discovered the internet. Prodigy, then AOL, then the web. I still dream of dialup modem connection sounds.

The web, just like that old Commodore 64, completely changed my life. I was obsessed with how these interconnected pages of text could be used to tell stories, create communities, and just have a ton of fun. The View Source command, and the open nature of HTML (no CSS yet) replaced the library in my quest for knowledge. Seeing the code that powered the web fueled my career and life.

That underlying notion, that code deserves to be accessible to all, still drives me during my day-to-day work on Calypso and

🌎 Needs

If we can trust in each other to always try and do “the right thing,” then everything else gets easier.

🌍 Wants

Share more. Don’t let anyone stop you from sharing your thoughts, feelings, or even a photo of your lunch.

For every person who says it’s stupid, there’s someone who values it and wants to share back.

👏 Talk

📱 Products

Drums. I’ve been a drummer since before my dad traded for that Commodore 64.

My current set is a TAMA Superstar Classic 5-piece kit with a White Sparkle finish. It looks a little something like this.

I’ve recently fallen in love with e-drums, or electronic drums. Specifically the Roland series of V-Drums. Bringing my passion for drums and technology together is a dream come true.

Recently, I’ve been working to combine traditional drums and e-drums into a hybrid setup. You can see more about it on my blog.

❔ Whois

I’m a father, husband, drummer, designer, and maker. My goal is to fix everything that annoys me, and make it all so much easier.

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