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Traditionally competition – among businesses, individuals – has been driven by exclusivity. Hoarding ideas and innovation in hopes of gaining an advantage. Open Source challenges that thinking by exploiting the power of shared knowledge, even among competitors. Everyone is trying to survive in business and in life, so why keep our individual struggles and successes private? Being open leads to an inclusive ecosystem, where many thrive and we can all grow exponentially.

🌎 Needs

To create a more inclusive world we need a far-reaching outlook and an open mind.

🌍 Wants

Love and happiness.

👏 Talk


Currently I’m in love with the Just Mobile HeadStand for hanging my headphones. While not a required desk accessory, it’s beautiful to stare at all day and serves a great function by keeping my desk top neat.

Among digital products there isn’t any other product than the iPhone that I use more often, gives me more delight when using, and gracefully solves or eases so many daily tasks.


Raised in rural Southern Virginia, I now live in Richmond, VA with my beautiful wife and daughter. After designing my first website in 2005 (for $100), I discovered my passion for making the internet a better place. I enjoy DIY projects around the house, sports (of any kind, including curling), and outdoor expeditions (kayaking, hiking, running, etc.).

Favorite Emoji


Automattic is spread across more than 50 countries. If you are a product or marketing designer living anywhere in the world who wants to work from anywhere in the world on open source and the future of design with us, we are the place for you. Just visit our Work With Us page to learn more.

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