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Open Source software literally changed the path of my life. (That and the Web Standards Project.) When I first became interested in participating in design for the web, proprietary software was confusing and beyond my means. Worse still, it seemed like the only real tool for mastering a table-based design. That changed when I was able to make beautiful (well, at least to me) work using my favourite Open Source text editor and FTP client. I could make anything I wanted and distribute it to the world. That was amazing for me. That was only compounded by being part of the community of people making WordPress where I was able to not only take advantage of, but participate in the creation of Open Source tools. Why is Open Source important? It makes a real and positive change in real people’s lives around the world. From the people using the tools, to the people building them, and the people using Open Source software that will be building it tomorrow.

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Consciousness of inclusion in every interaction.

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I’d love to see more people consider what I’ll call world-changing in the work they do and the lives they lead. Changing the world by improving the lot of real people in small ways, everyday. From just being nice in line at the store, to bigger things like being conscious of inclusion in their work.

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My favourite non-digital design has to be the book. Maybe somewhat easy to take for granted now but they’re ever-changing and an assumed part of our lives.

Digital? It’s hard not to say my iPhone and the small list of apps I use everyday, everywhere.

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Ian is the Theme Division lead at Automattic and founder of ThemeShaper.com. He’s had a hand in launching many influential WordPress themes that have helped shaped the web for millions.

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  1. Nice post. I dived into Open Source Blender 3D 10 years ago – it changed my life dramatically.

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