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Open Source is an idea. An idea in which everything is freely available, can be used by anyone, and can be evolved with the help of anyone. It’s a collaborative effort with no central ownership. In my opinion, Open Source is one of the greatest ideas ever conceived because it exists to drive humanity forward – to help people create something today that didn’t exist yesterday, with little or no restrictions. It’s an important value for us at Automattic because, in a way, it inherently brings people together by creating a community based upon common goals.

As designers, we care about Open Source because we can utilize and mold it to help people – help people achieve what they need or want to achieve, with as little friction as possible.

🌎 Needs

Designers have the power to make or destroy things. Create great experiences or ruin them. We need to be mindful of how we can enhance a user’s experience or inadvertently ruin it.

🌏 Wants

More wide-spread kindness in the digital world. The internet has become a great vehicle for spreading knowledge and for allowing humans to communicate with each other. But more often than not, I see it as an anonymous vehicle to bring each other down. Go to any popular Youtube video, Instagram or Facebook account. They’re frequently saturated in hateful comments and arguments. Sites such as gofundme.com are a great start to utilizing the internet for uplifting each other, but I think we’ve a long way to go.

👏 Talk

📱 Products

My favorite non-digital product / tool is the automobile. It’s an incredible mix of a physics and chemistry that address both human needs and desires in a relatively small package.

In the grand scheme of human evolution, the modern automobile is a relatively new tool that’s advanced fairly quickly. It was initially designed to solve one problem: how can humans travel longer distances, faster? A little over a century later, the automobile is now an evolved complex machine that solves the initial problem it was designed to solve, along with a multitude of added luxuries. A well-designed example of form following function.

My favorite digital products are  video games. In my opinion, humans interact with games in a very unique way. They’re interactive stories. Many now allow players to create their own storyline by making choices. Players have the ability to not only enjoy a story, but create one. In many instances, they’re a completely immersive experience that also have a social aspect built in (multiplayer). Games typically invoke multiple human senses simultaneously which makes for a more fulfilling experience, as opposed to many digital products that are visual or audio only.

❔ Whois

Designer who codes at Automattic. Dedicated to helping others & pushing innovation online. Vibrating at 528hz. Photographer. Exotic Animal Caretaker. Life Enthusiast. ॐ

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