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  1. I find it quite interesting that I often do things intuitively then discover there is a name for it. We just completed our 2nd Design for Wide Walls project – literally a 5 min walk from your office at Fletcher Maynard Academy in Cambridge. Our students grades 6-9 were asked “How Might We use robotics to extend the capabilities of the disabled?” We used the design process to explore alternatives then each student designed their own solution. The results were as you mentioned – highly engaged students some arriving early and others wanting to stay late. The flip side is that it is very taxing for the teachers (with an s). Students need significant amounts of 1 on 1 attention. In the summer program, we had almost a 2:1 (student to teacher ratio). However, we could have used a couple more hands. In our case, since it involved robotics and coding the assistants must have a certain baseline level of knowledge. Scaling Wide Wall projects is our dilemma.

  2. Thought provoking and filled a gap in my ignorance (which is pretty big, btw)- thank you!

  3. This was such an awesome post!! Thank you for writing!

    I think it’s just amazing how different and unique we all are. What saddens me is the education standards we often set that suppress that diversity and uniqueness. We ask everyone to perform the same way and then get frustrated when the results are stale. I love the way your analogy about walls gives us a visual to take with us even after we finish the piece.

    This was beautiful. Thank you.

  4. This is very thought provoking. Thank you

  5. Very interesting read! As a mother of a rather “right-brained” and artistic child, I love this concept of concentrating on the diversity and interest of each child. They’re all different, yet each of them has something unique in them that so often gets lost on the way, through standardization and expectations to just do as they are told and be like every one else. I certainly am so happy my child isn’t like every one else and will support her every day in this. But having surrounding structures that support these effort is honestly just marvellous.

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