Aleksandra Bodera

Theme Designer / 2 Years at Automattic / Image Editor: Photoshop / Code Editor: Sublime Text 2 / Poland

Making and designing is awesome, but the biggest satisfaction comes from being able to see your creations used, shared and improved by others. Open exchange and collaboration creates synergy, and a unique opportunity to prosper and give back for both individuals and businesses. As a company we benefit immensely from synergy brought by incorporating different perspectives and voices in our design and development process. As individuals we learn and grow thanks to freely shared ideas and knowledge. WordPress would never have powered 26% of the web, had it been developed behind closed doors.

🌎 Needs

We need to Open Source as much as possible, and not just the software, but hardware, science, education etc. as well.

🌏 Wants

Spreading the word about vegetarianism and veganism and how changing our eating habits can contribute to saving our planet.

👏 Talk

📱 Products

Rotring Esprit fountain pen / I owned many pens over the years and it’s fascinating how each had its own “personality” and provided a different writing experience. I love this particular pen for its design, light weight and telescopic handle that retracts when capped.

The Kindle / I always loved “real” books, but at the same time I hated to see them sitting on shelves and gathering the dust while taking up more and more space. Over the years I started leaning towards minimalism in my life and eliminating physical objects where possible. Kindle is perfect for me—it lets me free up the space while still having the ability to store all the books that I like. It also had the added benefit of giving me access to books hard to come by in Poland, for example Star Trek novels!

❔ Whois

I’m a web designer and developer based in Poland, who started her career in an entirely different field. After studying accounting, I switched to web development and worked freelance and for web agencies for a few years. Finally I found true passion in developing WordPress themes, and joined Automattic two years ago. When not working on themes, I fancy myself a photographer and take pictures for my blog

❤️ Favorite Emoji


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