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Theme Designer / 1 Year at Automattic / Image Editor: Adobe Illustrator / Code Editor: Coda / Brooklyn, New York USA

Open source is so valuable because it encourages a community with an idea to evolve that idea naturally through experimentation and peer review. The benefits of that evolved idea then get spread back around to the community which in turn, fosters more evolution on the idea. To me, it’s what separates incremental growth and exponential growth in a cooperative way that parallels democracy in its truest form.

The design world has yet to fully grasp this concept in my opinion. We’re typically inclined to want to be stingy with our design work, and look down on other designers who may try to copy or mimic a certain style we’d like to claim as our own. This is understandable to a certain extent, but over time, I believe design will follow suit and become a more open medium in the future.

🌎 Needs

Simple, low cost devices that allow us to connect to the internet from anywhere around the world.

🌏 Wants

My view of the world right now is that there are many great things happening that are overshadowed by the many horrible things that are also happening at the same time. A lot of the horrible things we see happening are rooted in smaller conflicts that have grown out of control over time and become normalized. These smaller conflicts are usually connected to other parallel problems and so fixing one issue with a well thought out and researched solution actually fixes other issues at the same time. Therefore, I like the idea of approaching these kinds of smaller interconnected problems with intelligent multi-faceted solutions.

👏 Talk

📱 Products

Avant Garde Magazine / I have a collection of Avant Garde magazine that I absolutely love. I have every original issue with the exception of one really rare Marilyn Monroe alternate cover. Every few months I pick up one of them and choose a random article to read for kicks.

OP-1 / Currently, my favorite digital product is a synthesizer I purchased last summer called “OP-1.” It combines of analog and digital sound that has totally changed my approach to making music.

❔ Whois

I’m a Brooklyn, NY based designer and developer, who simply loves to create in as many ways as possible. I graduated from The Cooper Union in 2005 and from then on I’ve been an entrepreneur of various, web, design, and music production service businesses. As of early 2016, I became an Automattician, with the purpose of seeking new challenges and experiences to further my ability to create.

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