Filipe Varela

Product Designer / 4 Years at Automattic / Image Editor: Sketch, Photoshop / Code Editor: Sublime Text / Portugal

Open source is the most powerful concept of our generation. Initially, it can be scary to put your work out in the open but, once you do, you’ve taken the first step towards global collaboration and true progress.

🌎 Needs

We need true compassion and empathy. Being able to put different hats, reach out, and understand others is key.

🌏 Wants

Enjoy every single second of every single day. Be kind, be mindful of oneself, of others, and the world around us all.

👏 Talk

📱 Products

Braun travel alarm clock / My grandad has had one of these since I was a kid. It always fascinated me how such a timeless, beautiful piece of design could reach the masses and shape the way we live.

MacBook Pro / The ultimate tool to create in the digital world we live in — wherever we may be, whenever we feel inspired.

❔ Whois

Born and raised in a small town in Portugal’s countryside, Évora, wanted to be a crazy scientist when I grew up. Passionate about all things design, photography, and videography—in short, I’m curious how we translate and convey ideas into tangible visual objects. Proud father, avid traveler and explorer, also likes the occasional donut and cheesecake.

❤️ Favorite Emoji


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